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Junior Class of 2019
Contact TypeContact Information
2019 Class Advisors:
ext. 1589
ext. 1591
Date: Friday, May 4th
Time: arrival at FHS 5:00-5:30, return to FHS @ 12 midnight
Location: Lombardo's in Randolph
Dinner and Dancing
Ticket Information: cost $100 per ticket; tickets will be sold online from January 24th through March 31st. Click here to purchase your ticket via Unibank.

>>Both contracts are due to class advisors by March 31st.

General Information regarding PROM:

  • Before purchasing a ticket, FHS juniors and FHS guests must address social and financial obligations (owed detention, lost books, Chromebook issues, cafeteria fees, etc.) with their house office.
  • All students and guests must arrive at Franklin High School between 5:00 PM and 5:30 PM. All students must check in before getting on the buses.  Buses are the only transportation allowed to Lombardo’s.  No one will be admitted to the Franklin Junior Prom after 5:30 PM on Friday, May 4th, 2018.
  • All students and guests are expected to stay  at Lombardo’s until  buses leave at approximately 11:00 PM. If a student would like to leave early, he or she must meet with the Franklin High School administration before leaving. Parents will be called and notified.
  • No student will be allowed to attend the event who is under the influence of or in possession of alcohol or any other drug or who, as determined by the administration, has been drinking.  Any student who, as determined by an administrator, has alcohol on his/her breath will be considered to be under the influence.  (Any amount of alcohol consumed will constitute being under the influence).  Students who violate these alcohol/drug regulations may be banned from future student activities.
  • No use or possession of beer, hard liquor or drugs will be tolerated.  Parents will be asked to come to the prom to remove their son/daughter if he/she arrives having alcohol on his/her breath or is in possession of an alcoholic beverage or other drug.
  • Any infraction of other school regulations that are normally grounds for suspension or expulsion will be strictly enforced.  Under these circumstances, parents will also be asked to come to the event to pick up the student.
  • Please remember, this is a special occasion. You are expected to conduct yourself in a way that reflects the special nature of this class event. ALL STUDENTS ATTENDING THE EVENT MUST BE IN SCHOOL ALL DAY  and ON TIME ON THE DATE OF THE EVENT.  NO DISMISSALS WILL BE GRANTED.

If you do not know if you have paid your class dues, please check with your class advisors,
Ms. Curley: 

Remaining SAT Dates 2017-2018

Test date               Registration Deadline   Late Registration Deadline      Subject tests available?
March 10th              February 9th                    2/20 mailed;  2/28 online                                      no

May 5th                 April 6th                               4/17 mailed; 4/25 online                                        yes

June 2nd                May 3rd                                 5/15 mailed; 5/23 online                                        yes


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