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Senior Project
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Senior Project Coordinators:
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Program Description
Welcome to Senior Project. Senior Project is your chance to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and maturity you have achieved throughout your school career thus far. In participating in Senior Project, you choose an area of study that interests you and then work within that area to gain practical experience before graduating. Senior Project is an exciting and unique opportunity to satisfy your curiosity, help you to determine your future plans and to achieve professional and personal goals. Because your Senior Project involves an area that interests you, the project promotes an inquiry process that stimulates your thinking, engages you in authentic tasks, and ultimately demonstrates mastery in your area of study.
Senior Project is a creative yet structured, deadline oriented program that is graded and added to your transcript. However, you have plenty of support as you navigate through the project. Your support team includes: your parent/guardian(s), a teacher-mentor (faculty member) and a site advisor (expert in the area of study at the work site). Your team guides you, while evaluating your progress as you work toward the final grade. In most cases, your area of study will provide the opportunity to work at a company, much like a college internship. Representing Franklin High School, you are expected to be self motivated and be able to work within the framework of the company.
Senior Project consists of six phases:

A. Initial Expression of Interest
Students express interest in participating in Senior Project through the course selection process completed in conjunction with their Guidance Counselor. Student are encouraged to consider an area of study that not only interests them, but will also challenge them throughout all phases of the project. The initial expression of interest allows for a general brainstorm and focus statement for your Senior Project.  Students should also attend an informational meeting held at the end of the school year.
B. Final Proposal
For the Final Proposal, you must have secured a Site Advisor/location for your internship. Another important step to your proposal includes identifying research question that will drive your project.

C. Senior Project Seminar and Research Paper
This phase involves taking a seminar course during term 3 of senior year.  During this course, students will conduct research and write a ten to twelve page paper that contains at least seven sources (both primary and secondary) using APA or MLA format. Your Senior Project course teacher will review several drafts to help ensure that the topic and focus of the paper meet the specifications. The final paper is assessed by the Senior Project course teacher.   
D. Working Phase
The project itself consists of a minimum of seventy (70) working hours; that is, the internship. Hours may be fulfilled at FHS, but most likely will occur at a location involving your site advisor.  You will collaborate with others, including your FHS Teacher Mentor and your Site Advisor, using a multi-disciplinary approach, and producing an outcome or action as a result of your inquiry process. During this project phase you acquire knowledge and skills to "show what you know and what you can do" in the area of study. This acquired knowledge is documented through Weekly Reflections and is included in a portfolio (described below) that is ultimately presented for assessment.
E. Portfolio
Portfolios consist of various types of documentation, forms, and reflection. Additionally, the portfolio may contain ideas, predictions, plans, experiments or performances, data, or conclusions relevant to your project. You learn how to set up, maintain and finalize your portfolio during the 3rd term Senior Project class. A detailed rubric will be provided in the Assessment Guide you receive in class.  
F. Presentation
In May, you spend 15 to 20 minutes presenting the project to an assessment panel. The presentation begins with a review of your initial focus and continues with your experiences throughout the project, while identifying acquired knowledge and skills. You will also respond to your research topic.  The presentation ends with a summary of how the project experiences influenced changes in you, as well as your plans and goals. Additionally, you need to prepare for a question and answer segment following the exhibition.
Senior Project Rules
A Senior Project Student…
  • Is responsible for any and all costs associated with completing his/her Senior Project.
  • Must complete 70 hour internship over no less than three weeks
  • Must be in good academic standing, in compliance with his/her house office, and be “on track” to graduate.  Administration may remove a student from Senior Project at any time if any of the above is at risk.
  • May be removed from Senior Project at any time by the FHS administration.
  • May not complete the Working Phase in a person’s home.
  • May not complete the Working Phase under direct supervision of a parent or immediate family member (parent or family member may not be the Site Advisor).  
  • May work at the same SP Site as another student, but will have his/her own unique project components, e.g., research topic, Final Exhibition, etc.
  • May not receive any compensation for his/ her experience, e.g., money, outside credits, service hours, etc.
  • Must type responses for all forms and edit each appropriately.
  • Must meet with his/her teacher mentor once a week during the SP Working Phase. This needs to be coordinated by the student.
  • Will schedule meetings with mentor teachers, site advisors, and coordinators in advance. Students may not interrupt a teacher’s class to get forms signed or to do a weekly check in.
  • May not cancel appointments with teacher mentors or program staff unless there is an extenuating circumstance.
  • Will close out his/her grade in each course at the end of term 3.
  • Will take a final exam at the end of term 3 for non AP courses.
  • If taking an AP course, must attend each AP course once a week during Senior Project.
  • Will take all Advanced Placement exams, or come back during Senior Finals week to take a teacher created final exam that is comparable to the AP exam. This will include all material from term 4.
  • May not begin Senior Project “Working Phase” hours prior to Day 1 of Term 4.  When making plans for Senior Project, keep in mind that snow days/school cancellations will impact the start date of Senior Project.  If going out of state, plan carefully!
  • Must be available during all school hours when not on the internship site.   
  • Must be available to come into school during normal school hours during term 4 (Senior Project Working Phase).  For this reason, students should not obtain employment during school hours.
  • Must attend all Senior Class assemblies during term 4.
  • May not go on vacation during term 4 outside of April vacation/ scheduled holidays per the Franklin Public Schools’ calendar.
  • Must turn in all assignments on time.  Failure to do so or ANY violation of program requirements will put in jeopardy the student’s off campus privileges.
  • If completing the Working Phase out of state, must schedule (in advance) once weekly internet (Skype, etc.) video call with his/her teacher mentor when convenient for the teacher mentor.  This is the student’s responsibility to plan.
  • Must finish an electronic portfolio on Google Classroom.
  • Must present on the Final Exhibition night. This means the student MUST deliver a presentation to a panel. The panel will be made up of school personnel and community members. Each panel member is involved in the grading of the presentation.
  • Will not be able to complete Senior Sign Out until all Senior Project work is submitted.
  • Must check Google Classroom frequently and complete tasks online when instructed to do so.  
Remember: Senior Project is an optional program.  By signing up for Senior Project, you agree to the above rules.
Phases of Senior Project
  • Brainstorm and line up Senior Project Site—student’s responsibility
  • Application , Forms, and Final Proposal — student's preliminary documentation defining their Senior Project
  • Evening Parent Meeting
  • Paper — an eight to twelve page research paper about the project
  • Internship/ Project — working hours, check in meetings, gathering of artifacts, and reflection
  • Final Evaluations  includes Site Advisor, FHS Teacher Mentor, and Student Self Evaluation
  • Portfolio —Includes journals, uploaded/ scanned paperwork, and visual (or multimedia)
  • Presentation — a 15 to 20 minute presentation on the project delivered to a panel



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