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Monday Communications sent via Mass Notification
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PLEASE NOTE-as many of these notices are older, some links they contain may no longer be active!

January 9th
Hello Panther Families!

Happy New Year!!  After all of the arctic air, we hope you are as excited as we are to be looking at some “tropical” temperatures.  The latest forecasts are calling for temperatures as high as 53 this Friday.  That’s a 60 degree increase from this past weekend!

We are a day late as the two snow days pushed our calendar back just a bit!  Here is the Monday Memo on a Tuesday!
A few items as we wrap up one calendar year and look towards another: 

  • Thank you to the families that sent holiday cards.  They are still up in the FHS mailroom and put a smile on our faces every time we walk by.  We would love even more next year!
  • If you are noticing a pleasant new voice on the other end of the phone when dealing with student attendance or when calling to the third floor house office, you are speaking to our new secretary, Mrs. Jen Petrillo.  Please join us in welcoming her to her new role here at FHS!
  • Due to last week’s storm, our Parent Teacher Conferences have been rescheduled for January 25th.  We will be following the same schedule as originally planned.  Students will be dismissed at 10:50.  All conference times will be the same as what was originally scheduled for January 4th.  If for some reason you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please email that teacher(s) directly.
  • Please note that students are also scheduled for half-day dismissals on Friday, January 26th and Monday, February 5th as originally noted on the 2017-18 calendar.
  • Teachers will be beginning conversations with students about course recommendations for next year.  These will be taking place between January 16th and 26th.  In addition to listening to what courses students aspire to take for the 2018-19 school year, teachers will also speak to students about related skills needed for a class (ie. Algebra for Chemistry; independence for AP; etc.) while also taking into account performance to date, work ethic, and motivation.
  • Our winter sports team continue to shine.  We are having tremendous success at the team and individual levels, and this week alone Franklin had five separate athletes nominated for Hockomock Athlete of the Week!For all of the latest FHS sports action please click here!  
  • And for really cool FHS (non-sport, non-club specific) here!
Paul Peri, Principal

Bill Klements, Deputy Principal

Brenda Redding, Assistant Principal

Craig Williams, Assistant Principal

Maria Weber, Assistant Principal

Pam Myette, Assistant Principal of Special Education

December 19th-Regarding Parent Teacher Conference sign ups
Good Evening!

Parents and guardians should be able to register for conference times by using the following link.

Please be aware that due to limited number of spaces, some teachers' schedules may fill quickly.  In the event you are unable to find an available time on January 4th, we recommend emailing your child's teachers to schedule a mutually agreeable time to speak.  We will make every effort to be as accommodating as possible.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions!

FHS Administration
December 19th

Hello Panther Families!

As we head into the final week of school for 2017, we wish you, your families, and your friends the happiest of holiday seasons.  We hope you all stay warm, celebrate, and enjoy time with loved ones.

  • Following an outstanding opening week of Winter Sports, we wanted to mention that our boys’ and girls’ varsity swim teams have two meets this week.  Today against Milford, and Thursday against Sharon.  Our apologies to our swim teams for not mentioning you in last week’s memo.  Go Panthers!
  • For all of the latest FHS sports action please click here.  
  • Thank you to everyone who donated toward Light Up a Life.  There are some impressive photos on our Twitter page.  And while you’re there, please feel free to follow us!  It’s another great way to stay up to date on many things FHS.
  • Don’t miss our production of Fahrenheit 451 in the auditorium the nights of December 20th and 21st.  We can’t wait to see the show!
  • Information about Parent Teacher Conferences, which are scheduled for January 4th, will be coming out later this week!
  • Check out our new online school store by clicking here!  Great stuff that celebrates Franklin!  This is a great way for ALL students, parents/guardians, family members, etc to show their pride!

In closing, if any families have extra holiday cards and would like to send one to FHS at 218 Oak St, we will be sure to display them proudly in the main office.  From our FHS family to yours, Happy Holidays!!

Paul Peri, Principal

Bill Klements, Deputy Principal

Brenda Redding, Assistant Principal

Craig Williams, Assistant Principal

Maria Weber, Assistant Principal

Pam Myette, Assistant Principal of Special Education
December 12th
Hello Panther Families!

Welcome to a bonus (and slightly belated) Monday Communication.

To all members of the Franklin community who begin celebrating Hanukkah tonight, Chag urim sameach!

  • Last week’s Holiday Concert was a tremendous success.   Thank you to all of our student musicians for a wonderful night, and thank you to friends and family for coming out and showing their support!
  • A reminder of the first FHS open mike night in the FHS library at 6:00 pm on Thursday night.
  • Tonight our girls’ basketball teams kick off their home openers against North Attleboro.  The varsity game begins at 6:30 pm.
  • Our girls’ hockey team has their first home game of the season against Mansfield at 12:30 on Saturday, December 16th.
  • Our varsity track teams have their first home meet against King Philip On December 16th.
  • Wrestling has their first home match against Milford at 7:00 on December 20th.
  • Don’t miss our production of Fahrenheit 451 in the auditorium the nights of December 20th and 21st.  It’s gonna be hot!
  • Our gymnastic team hosts Sharon to kick of 2018 the evening of January 3rd.

Just a reminder for those looking for some totally sweet gift ideas to check out our brand new online school store by clicking here!

In an effort to reduce costs as much as possible, we still have room for interested students to join the ski club.   Click here for more information!

Finally, please see the following message from our basketball booster for this Friday night.  

FHS Boys Basketball teams will be hosting a Toy Drive at their home opening games this Friday, December 15th.  All fans who donate an unwrapped toy will receive a raffle ticket and a chance to win $25 cash.  Toys will be collected at all 3 games.

Stay warm!!  Eight more school days until the break!

Paul Peri, Principal

Bill Klements, Deputy Principal

Brenda Redding, Assistant Principal

Craig Williams, Assistant Principal

Maria Weber, Assistant Principal

Pam Myette, Assistant Principal of Special Education


December 4, 2017
Hello Panther Families!

December seems to be one of those months where if we aren’t careful we can find ourselves spread too thin or pulled in too many directions at once!  In an effort to minimize that as much as possible and to aid with scheduling, we are trying to include dates for upcoming events here at FHS.  We are excited about all that is going on!

It is also worth mentioning that after receiving student feedback, this communication will be sent to our student body as well (thank you Hamlet authentic writing assignment!).

Tuesday, December 5th - FHS Hosting Exchange Students from Fuji City, Japan.  For the second year in a row, we will be hosting staff and students from Fuji City, Japan.  As our relationship with these families and the Wuhan No. 6 High School, continues to grow we will be playing host to 45 students for the day as they shadow FHS students and experience life in an American high school.

Wednesday, December 6th - FHS Holiday Concert at 7:00 pm.  Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Select Chorus, and two orchestras are performing!  Arrive early to enjoy the K-12 art show that will have student work on display from throughout the district!

Thursday, December 14th - FHS Open Mic Night at 6:00 pm.  Come hear some of the most talented student musicians/artists/performances in the comfort of our very own FHS Library Media Center!

Friday, December 15th - FHS Boys’ Hockey and Basketball Doubleheader.  Come out and support the first game of the season for both boys’ hockey (5:00 pm at Pirelli Veterans Arena) and then follow it up immediately afterward with a boys’ basketball game at home against Milford!  RattleCity will be there.  Will you??

Wednesday & Thursday, December 20th and 21st - FHS Student Drama Performances.  Come see what our award winning FHS drama program has been working on for the past few months as the curtain comes up on Fahrenheit 451.  Tickets will be sold at the door at the price of $12 for an adult, $5 for students. They make a great holiday gift!

Thursday, January 4th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm - FHS Parent Teacher Conferences.  This day is scheduled as a half day, with a dismissal at 10:50 am.  Much more information to come on this, but please save the date.

Other upcoming information: 

  • Please click here, or follow the FHS Athletic Dept’s twitter account for information on all of our Winter sports teams & schedules
  • Last week concluded the tryouts for FHS Winter Sports.  Thanks to everyone who came out!  For students who did not make a team or a roster, please consider Wrestling, Indoor Track & Field, or Strength & Conditioning.
  • PSAT results will be available on December 12th for those students who took the test back in October.  Please click here for important information about receiving your scores
  • Barring any future cancellations, Quarter 2 is scheduled to end Tuesday, January 23rd.  While some classes may still administer midyear assessments, unlike previous years we will not be running a modified bell schedule during the last few days of the quarter.
  • We have been approached by parents, students, and staff with concerns over student drop off and pickup.  We kindly ask that parents drop off/pick up students only in the drop off loops, and refrain from pulling into parking lots or using the bus loop.  We appreciate your help in this matter.  We are working with our tech department to put out some additional information with visuals soon.

As always, we are available for feedback, thoughts, ideas, or questions.  We hope that you all enjoy the start to this holiday season!

Paul Peri, Principal

Bill Klements, Deputy Principal

Brenda Redding, Assistant Principal

Craig Williams, Assistant Principal

Maria Weber, Assistant Principal

Pam Myette, Assistant Principal of Special Education

November 21, 2017
Hello Panther Families!

We would like to begin by sharing the fact that we had no reported incidents of drug use or alcohol consumption at last Friday’s Neon Dance.  It was everything that a school dance should be: music, laughter, and dancing in a safe environment.  Going back to last spring’s Senior Week, this is now the third FHS event without any student issues with drugs/alcohol!  In an effort to keep this momentum of healthy decision making moving forward, we would like to discuss a new trend we are noticing more and more.

We are writing to share some information with you about the recent increase in e-cigarettes and vaporizers (or “vapes”) and to ask for your help to make sure our students are not bringing them to Franklin High School.

While this information may be new to some, we find ourselves in the midst of the vaping fad.  They are becoming increasingly popular among teenagers, and schools and media outlets are making efforts to communicate with families.  Within the past week, Remington, Annie Sullivan, and Horace Mann Middle Schools have all put out letters to their respective communities.  Five days ago, The Boston Globe featured an article on the topic that can be found by clicking here.  Additionally, middle and high schools throughout the region are writing similar letters to this one.

Here is some information we think parents may find helpful when talking to students about vaping.

  • Vape pens can hold nicotine, THC (the chemical in marijuana), different flavored juices, ar any other number of controlled substances.
  • Vape pens can look like regular pens, USB flash drives, credit cards, and other every-day items.  You can see images of different vaping devices by clicking on these links or searching these names:

  • Students can access YouTube tutorials on how to conceal vaping materials - socks and shoes are a common hiding place - and how to vape without getting caught (blowing vapor into the neck of a sweatshirt, for example).

Students may view vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, but vaping is quite harmful.  Even if students are vaping using nothing but the flavored juices, they are inhaling diacetyl and acetyl propionyl, chemicals that have been linked to respiratory disease.

In addition to the health ramifications, there are specific disciplinary consequences for students who are discovered to be in possession of a vape or are found using one.  Consequences range from in-school suspension to out of school suspension of various lengths depending on individual circumstances (repeat offenses, the substance that is being vaporized, etc).  Massachusetts is consistent (through the MIAA) that use of a vape is considered to be a chemical health violation and results in a 25% loss of an athletic season for a first offense.

Here at Franklin High School we have received multiple reports that students have been vaping in the bathrooms and even in class.  Students have told us that they are easy to purchase.  All they need is a Visa or American Express gift card and they can buy them online and have them shipped to a friend’s house.  As a staff we are being as transparent as possible with students and doing our best to monitor student behavior in the building.  However, we would prefer to educate and be proactive rather than catch students in the act and distribute disciplinary consequences.

We are asking you all to have honest and straightforward conversations with your children about the decisions they are making.  Share the contents of this letter, voice your concerns, and use some of the resources included in this communication to continue the conversation over time.  We will continue to reinforce our expectations that Franklin High School is an environment that should be free from drugs, alcohol, vapes, and e-cigarettes. 

Some additional resources can be found at the end of this letter.  As always, we are happy to continue to communicate as we work together to support students in healthy decision making.

We wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings!


Paul Peri, Principal

Bill Klements, Deputy Principal

Brenda Redding, Assistant Principal

Craig Williams, Assistant Principal

Maria Weber, Assistant Principal

Pam Myette, Assistant Principal of Special Education

Teen Vaping: What You Should Know

Local Doctor Warns Parents of the Dangers of JUUL E-Cigarettes


November 15, 2017  (Sent to Senior Families (2018) only)

Dear Panther Families,

Today the Class of 2018 met with their advisors and school administration to continue the conversation about caps and gowns. This has been an ongoing conversation amongst the administration, advisors, and the officers for the Class of 2018 dating back to last year. Earlier this fall we sent an email on September 20th as we began deeper discussion on this topic.

Highlights of today’s class meeting include:

A recap and review of how the discussion began
A detailed overview of the data from recent student surveys
A presentation from a representative of Jostens

With all of this taken into consideration, Franklin High School is excited to move forward as one class with one color robes. The robes will be a richer, darker blue which is more in line with our school’s colors and will be a higher quality fabric than robes from previous years. Seniors will also be adding a new white stole that will showcase the Class of 2018 logo, as well as our school logo. These white stoles are customizable and provide a great opportunity for individualization.

In regards to the traditions of the blue and white robes from the past, the administration provide the opportunity to have a photo taken in these robes during Senior Week. While moving forward, we wanted to remain mindful of graduates with older siblings and those families’ desires to have matching pictures.

We also want to stress that cords, pins, sashes and other distinctions for group or individual achievements will continue to be a part of the Franklin High School graduation ceremony. Please know that we are fully aware of the emotions that rise to the surface during any conversation about tradition.

We are closing this letter with the same message that we closed with when meeting with the Class of 2018. Recently our society both here in Franklin as well as throughout the country has seen a dramatic increase in divisive thoughts, words, and actions. From acts of violence and hate speech to a political climate that seems more frenzied by the day, the world into which our graduates are about to step can be difficult to navigate on the best of days. We hope that by having 478 young men and women appear as one on June 1st, The Franklin High School Class of 2018 can send a message of unity, inclusivity, and optimism as they carry forth this message to the next chapter of their lives.

We wish you and your families the happiest of Thanksgiving breaks.

Sincerely, The FHS Administration
November 13th

Good Morning Panther Families-

This coming Friday (11/17) we are set to host Franklin High School’s Neon Dance.  The dance runs from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will be in the FHS gymnasium.  Tickets can be purchased  by clicking on this link.

As we did prior to the Homecoming Dance, we will be hosting short informational meetings for the parents of students who are interested in attending the dance.  If a parent attended one of the meetings in October before the Homecoming Dance, they DO NOT need to attend these meetings.  The same message will apply, but parents only need to attend one of these meetings if their child(ren) would like to attend the Neon Dance and did not go to one of the meetings before Homecoming.

As we looked back on our meetings prior to Homecoming, we were encouraged that we hosted a dance for almost 1,100 students and there were no issues with drugs or alcohol.  However, we have also learned from our mistakes and are selling tickets online instead of at these meetings.  This should eliminate the frustration of having parents/guardians waiting in line beforehand!

As we communicated previously, we recognize the value of everyone’s time and do not take the decision to make this meeting mandatory lightly.  We care about your children and want to do everything in our power to ensure that their extra-curricular events are safe, fun, and free from drugs and alcohol.

Please join us on either:

-Thursday, 11/16 at 9am in the FHS Auditorium

-Friday, 11/17 at 6:15 pm in the FHS Auditorium (immediately prior to the dance)

We look forward to seeing you and your children later this week 

The FHS Administration
November 6, 2017

Hello Panther Families:

As always, there are many things going on in and around FHS!

We have several days off in the coming weeks. For scheduling purposes please know:
  • Tuesday, November 7th - No School due to Election Day/Professional Development for Teachers
  • Friday, November 10th - No School in observance of Veterans’ Day
  • Wednesday, November 22nd through Friday, November 24th - Thanksgiving Break
Our fall athletic seasons are beginning to wrap up, but there are still a few games and competitions left!
  • Volleyball has a playoff game this Tuesday night in Hopkinton.
  • Our football team hosts Wellesley this Friday night at 6:00. Come on out for the last home game of the season! This year’s annual Thanksgiving matchup against King Philip will be played at KP.
  • Girls’ cross-country won both the Hockomock championship and the league meet.
  • Cheer finished second in the league meet (hosted yesterday here at FHS) and are on to regionals!
  • Our field hockey team and girls’ soccer also qualified for post-season play!
As always, please reach out to our Athletic Department with specific questions.

After a successful homecoming dance last month, we are now looking ahead to the Neon Dance scheduled for the evening of Friday, November 17th. Parents/Guardians of students who did not attend the Homecoming Dance will be required to attend a brief meeting prior to the dance (more information on those coming soon). Students whose parents attended one of the meetings before the homecoming do NOT need to attend a meeting before the neon dance. The only parents who will be asked to attend one of these meetings are those whose children want to attend the Neon Dance and did NOT attend one of the homecoming meetings.

Despite the fact that it seems like the first day of school was yesterday, we are now officially into Quarter 2!

Grades for Quarter 1 should be available on Aspen on Tuesday, November 14th. We are always happy to be a part of the discussion, but if there are questions about individual student grades, we ask you to first reach out to that teacher directly. Thank you!

We are hosting our next FHS PCC meeting on the night of Monday, November 13th at 7:00 in the Library/Media Center. On the agenda is an opportunity to hear from Mr. John Menard, English Department Head and Ms. Tricia London, our new Library Media Specialist!

Kudos to our outstanding music department for a tremendously successful BeatleMania show this past Friday night!!

Please be on the lookout for future communication about student drop off and pickup as well as parking and traffic patterns.

As always, if there are any questions, comments, thoughts, or ideas, please feel free to reach out to any member of our administration.

There is no such thing as too much feedback!

Paul Peri, Principal
Bill Klements, Deputy Principal
Maria Weber, Asst. Principal
Craig Williams, Asst. Principal
Brenda Redding, Asst. Principal
Pam Myette, Asst. Principal of Special Education


October 16, 2017

Hello Panther Families-

Let us begin this week’s memo with some good news and some thanks you’s.

Our most sincere thanks to every parent/guardian who attended one of the meetings last week in preparation of the homecoming dance.~We realize the value of everyone’s time, and while we tried to convey our appreciation during the meetings, it warrants mentioning one more time.~Thank you for taking the time to work with us in providing a safe support system for our students, and thank you for all of the positive feedback we received via email!

We are thrilled to report that with nearly 1,100 students at the dance on Saturday night, we are not aware of any issues with students involving drugs or alcohol!!~We hope to carry this momentum into next month’s Neon Dance.~This success comes as a result of a collective group effort. Thank you!! We also want to remind parents that if you attended a meeting last week, there will not be a need to attend a similar meeting prior to the neon dance.

We have many events going on this week at FHS.~In addition to a full slate of athletic events, clubs, and activities, we also have:
  • Unified Basketball at 3:30 on both Monday and Wednesday of this week.~Games will be in the FHS gymnasium, and all concession sales will benefit Unified Athletics.~The first scrimmage was a tremendous success, and we fully expect these games to be a blast for both the athletes and audience!
  • Tonight, at 7:00 pm the Metro West Commission on the Status of Women is hosting a forum at Franklin High School on teen sexting, with a focus on the harm, the recovery, and the changing law.~This is being put on by Representative Jeff Roy, along with members of the Franklin Police Department and staff from Bridgewater State University.
The FHS drama department is pleased to put on our annual Cabaret variety show this Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.~Tickets can purchased at the door.~The cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students.~

  • This Thursday evening we will be hosting our Panther Pride night for 8th grade students and parents from 5:30 to 7:30 in the FHS gymnasium.~We’ve communicated this information out to each of the middle schools, but any help spreading the word would be much appreciated!~It is a showcase of all athletics, clubs, and activities so that the members of the FHS Class of 2022 can get a true sense of “Panther Pride”!
As always, if there are any questions, comments, thoughts, or ideas, please feel free to reach out to any member of our administration.~There is no such thing as too much feedback!

Paul Peri, Principal
Bill Klements, Deputy Principal
Maria Weber, Asst. Principal
Craig Williams, Asst. Principal
Brenda Redding, Asst. Principal
Pam Myette, Asst. Principal of Special Education

October 10, 2017

Hello Panther Families-

This is an abbreviated (and slightly belated due to the long weekend) version of our usual Monday communication.~As we will be hosting several parent meetings in preparation for this weekend’s homecoming activities, we will be keeping today’s memo short.

First, a quick note from our Student Activity Accounts Coordinator:
At the end of each month, Account Statements will be available in Aspen under Published Reports. This is in the same section where you found your students schedules. Please understand that students must be in good standing with the school, including having paid for all outstanding charges, in order to participate in school activities such as Banquets, Dances, Prom and Senior week activities.
Please note: This will not apply to the Homecoming dance, due to the event being at the beginning of the school year.
If you need to reset your Aspen password, please send an email

*We are currently noticing significant numbers of students with overdrawn balances on their lunch accounts.~Any attention paid to this would be greatly appreciated!
Second, stay tuned for a “new look” Monday communication coming in six short days on Monday, the 16th with plenty of useful information~
In the meantime, please feel free to contact us at any point with any questions, ideas, comments, or concerns.~There’s no such thing as too much feedback!

We look forward to seeing many of you this week!

Paul Peri, Principal
Bill Klements, Deputy Principal
Maria Weber, Asst. Principal
Craig Williams, Asst. Principal
Brenda Redding, Asst. Principal
Pam Myette, Asst. Principal of Special Education


September 25, 2017

Good Evening Franklin Panthers!

As we find ourselves beginning to settle into the routines of the school day here at Franklin High, it is hard to believe that we are entering into the last week of September!~There are so many things happening here on a daily basis that it would be near impossible to capture each of them, but please know we couldn’t be happier with the level of involvement and activity we are seeing from both students and staff!
We are keeping this memo shorter than usual as it contains much information about Curriculum Night, coming up this Thursday, September 28th from 6:30 to 8:30.~Please note that we recognize that conflicts regarding night events exist across the district.~With twelve schools, including Tri-County, we found ourselves in the position of overlapping with other schools and events.~We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and have begun planning for next year already.~While it may never be perfect, we will work to improve.~The remaining information on Curriculum Night can be found at the end of this memo.

After a very successful start to our 9th grade chromebook exchange last week, we still have about 90 students who have yet to exchange their chromebooks.~If your child is in 9th grade and has not exchanged the chromebook he/she received during high school experience, they should bring their chromebook, charger, and student ID to the library during lunch or a direct study and they will be able to trade in their computer for the brand new chromebook they should have received originally.

This week at FHS is Ally Week.~Our SAGA club is excited to spread awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and what this community needs from fellow students, educators, and the larger community. In the cafeteria during lunches this week, you will find SAGA members available to share, distribute, and chat about the following resources:
* Informational pamphlets about topics such as gender vs. sexuality, allyship, and SAGA itself
* Tips on gender neutral ways to group students and ways to make students comfortable in the classroom
* Purple heart stickers to wear as a show of support for the community

This Thursday we will be proudly hosting our second annual Club Fair in the FHS Courtyard.~With over 70 clubs and activities, we will be showcasing many different opportunities for students to become more involved in the FHS community.~Schedules will be shared with students and staff tomorrow.

Finally, please click here, for much more information about Thursday’s Curriculum Night.

Paul Peri, Principal
Bill Klements, Deputy Principal
Maria Weber, Asst. Principal
Craig Williams, Asst. Principal
Brenda Redding, Asst. Principal
Pam Myette, Asst. Principal of Special Education

September 10, 2017

Good Afternoon Franklin Panthers!

This is our first memo since the start of the 2017-18 school year.~Today marks the 8th day of school, and the start of our second cycle of our rotating schedule.~It has been a great start to the year, and we are looking forward to many great things to come!

Last week, our new superintendent wrote two letters to the community.~Both letters are attached to this email.
  • The first is a message of inclusivity.~It has been signed by every administrator in Franklin Public Schools, and is a message behind which FHS firmly stands.~We will continue to do everything we can to make sure that each student and person feels welcome and safe in our community.
  • The second addresses the continued work on the turf fields at Pisini and Beaver Pond.
As with all topics, please feel free to reach out with any questions/comments/reactions.

Now that we are into the second cycle of school, students with questions about their scheduled electives may now make an appointment with their guidance counselors.
As you have already noticed, we have a new face in our guidance office.

Our guidance secretary, Chris Stobbart, retired at the end of August after 26 years at FHS.~If you happen to drop in, or notice a new smiling face on the other end of the phone, please take a moment to welcome Marybeth Dolan to the position. She is joining us from Remington Middle School, and has a been a fantastic addition!

Here are a few upcoming dates to add to your calendars:
September 18th - Our first PCC meeting at 7:00 pm in the library.~We would love to have as many new and familiar faces there as possible!!
September 28th - Curriculum Night.~There will be more details to follow.
October 19th - Panther Pride Night.~There will be more details to follow.

The deadline to purchase Chromebook insurance is this week, September 15th. We strongly encourage all families to purchase this insurance at the cost of $25. A reminder that this insurance must be purchased annually.

While there will be many more communications this year, please understand that our school administration welcomes any and all feedback.~We want to know how you and your child are doing here at FHS.~We want to hear of your successes, and we want to know if there are ways we can better support you.~Please feel free to reach out by phone or email at any time!

Paul Peri, Principal
Bill Klements, Deputy Principal
Maria Weber, Asst. Principal
Craig Williams, Asst. Principal
Brenda Redding, Asst. Principal
Pam Myette, Asst. Principal of Special Education

August 1, 2017

Good Afternoon Panthers!!

We hope that everyone has had a wonderful July recharging your batteries with time spent relaxing, vacationing, unwinding, and enjoying the sunshine!~While the first day of school is still a few weeks away, we wanted to provide everyone with a few updates of ongoing summer projects, important dates, and plans for the beginning of the school year.

  • Now is the perfect time to log those summer reading pages!!!~As of this morning, FHS has read 124,041 pages.~As we went into the summer, our goal was for students and staff collectively to read one million pages over the summer.~Despite our current count, that number is still within reach if everyone logs their pages!~Any reading counts!~Books, magazines, articles, e-books, etc.~We felt this was a great way to empower students with the choice of what to read over the summer as opposed to a more traditional required summer reading list.~
  • Chromebook insurance needs to be purchased annually.~The cost is $25, and we STRONGLY recommend purchasing and/or renewing your policy.~The link to purchase insurance can be found here.~
  • The use of a locker at Franklin High School is available to all students. We have noticed in recent years that the majority of students do not utilize their lockers during the school day.~For this reason we are giving sophomore, junior and senior students the option of choosing whether or not they would like to have a locker assigned to them.~All freshmen will be assigned a locker and information about the location of that locker as well as its combination will be given out during High School Experience.
        We are asking that all sophomore, junior and senior students who DO WANT a locker for the upcoming 2017-18 school year, to please sign up here.

  • Crews have been working hard on facilities.~In addition to the outstanding work by our custodial crew to get the inside of this building ready for students and staff...
  • We began the process of refinishing the gymnasium floor in June, and couldn’t be more pleased with how it has turned out.~We’re looking forward to a great fall athletic season!
  • New turf installation has also begun on Pisini field, the turf itself should be be completed by next week, and the new track should be down by mid-August.~Everything is on schedule to be completed before preseason football begins on August 18th.
  • A few dates for students and families to keep in mind:
  • High School Experience will be taking place at FHS from August 8th through the 11th.
  • Students can come pick up their parking passes from August 22nd through the 24th at the community entrance.~We will be sending a separate communication with more parking info coming Monday.
  • Orientation for students who were unable to attend High School Experience or for upperclassmen new to Franklin will take place at FHS on August 24th.
  • The first day for FHS students is Tuesday, August 29th.
  • More information will be forthcoming on all of these events.
  • A reminder that the summer hours for the FHS Office is Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 2:00, and our Guidance Office is open Tuesday through Thursday during those same hours.~Call or stop in with any questions!!
As we continued to gain momentum heading into August, our excitement is growing for what is certain to be a great school year.

There will be more communications in the coming weeks, but please in the meantime please do not hesitate to call, email, or drop in. We’d love to hear from you!

Go Panthers!
Paul Peri, Principal
Bill Klements, Deputy Principal
Brenda Redding, Assistant Principal
Craig Williams, Assistant Principal
Maria Weber, Assistant Principal
Pam Myette, Assistant Principal


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